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About Us
Hammer, Striker and Sear is a privately owned Florida based venture started and owned by Tman, a classically educated and trained mechanical engineer that has been slowly fighting a debilitation battle with Multiple Sclerosis, eventually leading to the need to resign his former company post in order to help better control the daily interaction with harm’s way.
It must be said that with regard to MS, research has shown that in the last 10+ years many medicines have been developed that seemingly, when employed as a daily regimen, can delay the damage that brings the onset of the permanent debilitating effects of MS.  There is hope for the recently diagnosed. There is also a glimmer of hope for others that were diagnosed more than a decade ago. 
Tman’s past mechanism work (design /prototyping / implementation) background including maintenance-in the-field, as well as his love and respect for firearms and ballistics have made a good foundation for subsequent gunsmith training.
The initial direction of the company Hammer, Striker and Sear will include a mix of classic firearms refurbishment, custom firearms modifications and traditional repair and tuning.
This website, HammerStrikerSear.com is destined to be a public portal to view selected notable quotes, assorted firearm articles, future company product offerings as well as the occasional editorial.
Hammer, Striker and Sear has recently moved to Holmes County in the panhandle of Florida and is a FFL 07 (Manufacturing) license holder.